Culture Is King In The Workplace

Culture is your company’s competitive advantage.

Culture is always one of the most powerful differentiators for any organisation, but the need to manage culture purposely is especially critical now. So how do you manage, maintain and leverage culture when employees are away from the office, from their teams and from their managers? How do you manage your culture by design, rather than by default?



It can be a tricky thing to put your finger on. Some say culture is “the way things get done around here” and “what people do when no one is looking,” but what is agreed is that culture is about guiding the actions and decisions of all employees at all levels towards common goals and values – the company’s true north. 

Culture is your company’s competitive advantage. When you get it right it attracts and retains talent, at its best and most effective a great company culture adapts to meet customer needs and delivers great results to shareholders. It’s also subjective, and a culture that is a perfect fit for one person is like trying to push a square peg in a round hole for another. 

At Zymplify, we know that a company’s culture is heavily influenced by its leaders, and during the pandemic, leaders have become a single source of truth for many of their employees. As the pandemic eases and the recovery starts, leaders should assess how their culture responded. Use the opportunity to reflect on those culture changes you want to retain and the ones you want to counteract. At a time when the majority of people are working remotely, a focus on culture has never been more paramount. Just maybe, one of the good things that can come out the pandemic is that workplace culture is changed for the better. 

Here are our top five tips for enhancing and encouraging a positive and effective company culture that can be implemented when your team is near and afar. 

  • Develop leaders – empower leaders with education and training at all levels to help you manage the behaviours you encourage and those you won’t tolerate
  • Focus on key talent – seek out and nurture talent at all levels who demonstrate the values and norms you want to reinforce and ensure they are visible within the company
  • Listen to your employees – stay attuned to their needs and concerns and address them swiftly and with empathy
  • Articulate your company’s values talk openly about what is and isn’t the culture and hold people accountable
  • Create connections – plan a way to link new and existing teams together for both work productivity as well as mentorship and support – and fun