Complexity is the enemy of meaningful work and may be killing your business

This is nothing new. In fact, those clever boffins at Harvard University have professing the powers of streamlining since, well, forever. According to the Harvard Business Review article in 2014 “Smart Rules,” companies are now collecting six times the number of performance metrics than they did in 1955. With all this extra data collection and analysis, there’s less time for meaningful work. Whether you are in meetings, replying or writing emails, or writing reports (generally used for meetings), where is the time to actually do good work?

The complexity trap, unfortunately, is inevitable. As your business processes grow, regulations, meetings, and metrics increase. Workers don’t get promoted for doing less in their organisations, they get promoted for doing more. If your company operates with complexity, it cannot operate with speed. All you need to do is look at the success of companies like Uber (simplified rides), AirBnB (simplified hotels), and Netflix (simplified media streaming), and compare them to all the complex and slower to change businesses they left in their wake: taxis, hotels, and movie rental shops. And, it is plain as day.

Why simple wins?

The simplification of how we think and operate – on an organisational and individual level – offers a solution to this modern predicament. We know from experience that if companies foster flatter organisational structures, and flexible working environments, where people are empowered to control their own schedules, they are:

  • Higher rates of people satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced agility and efficiency
  • Higher revenue and profit from heightened improvements in productivity, engagement
    and output
  • Reduced costs from heightened productivity and less absenteeism

We partner with leaders to identify challenges and implement positive change in their workplaces. We do this by simplifying complex processes, actioning sustainable solutions and embedding a culture that champions mindful practices.

So where did ‘Zymplify’ come from? It is a synergy of Zen and simplification – the two pillars that govern our change-making, our philosophy and methodology. Zen: a mindset of clarity, peace and total focus. A company culture championing Zen-based principles – such as mindfulness and meditation – increases employee engagement, productivity and wellbeing. And, simplify: the distilling and streamlining of processes. Simplified structures and functions allow a business to be efficient and agile in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace. Simples.

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