Put mother nature to work – why ‘biophilic offices’ make healthier, happier and more productive employees

People attending work while sick costs the Australian economy about A$34.1 billion each year through lost productivity. What if we told you that you can help keep your workforce well and productive, just by the design of your office?

As competition for skilled talent intensifies, top companies are going the extra mile to create aspirational work environments for their employees. Recent wellness initiatives include everything from nap pods to brain optimisation spas. While those perks might seem slightly over the top, good companies recognise the value of incorporating wellness in a more simpler and more effective way, in to the design of their offices. Top companies value good design, they know that space shapes behaviour, and behaviour over time creates culture. A win-win.
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So what is biophilic design? As humans we have an innate desire to be in nature and biophilic design is all about bringing nature indoors. We’re talking more than the occasional desk plant (even though this is a good place to start – one plant for every three employees can reduce CO2 levels by 20%.). Biophilic design incorporates natural lighting, finishes and materials right through to large open spaces, air filtered by green walls, and even Japanese zen gardens. Many companies worldwide have already bought in to the movement. For example, the Martini offices in Milan feature plenty of marble in contrast to a living wall and wood elements to warm the space. Airbnb’s San Francisco office has stone floors and pillars, wood accents on the walls, and wide open spaces with rustic features.
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To make people perform effectively in the workplace, you need to consider peoples physical needs as well as psychological needs. Wellness-designed work environments help people think better, be in better moods, and can have a huge impact on many different organisational outcomes, from employee engagement to staff mood to productivity.
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But you don’t need to be a billion dollar company to promote wellness at work. Here at Zymplify, we know how to help you create an environment that supports your employees health and well-being – giving you a competitive advantage. So why not get in touch.